Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Where else can you possible find coupons? Check out All For You magazine. They have gobs of them! Also, there are some in the circulars with the advertisements that come to your house for free. You can find them on the actual products (they are called tags) that you buy and often in the stores on the shelves. Sometimes, coupon "angels" leave them near products if they are for things they cannot use. Often, when you visit a store, you will get coupons that print out with your receipt. The best kind of papers to get are Sunday papers- if you threw out last Sunday's, ask around. Perhaps a family member has one you can have- which is great! That means you don't have to buy one at all. Happy clipping!

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  1. Two coupon suggestions:
    1) I categorize by expiration date, that way if I don't need something now, but will later, I know when they will no longer be useful.
    2) I ONLY clip for products I already buy. I will clip a coupon for a different brand as long as it becomes cheaper than what I'm currently paying for my regular product. A coupon does you no good if you're spending money on a product you wouldn't have purchased without it!