Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Beginning

So in the past year, I've quit my job, stopped grad school and moved in support of my husband, but largely to take care of my Mama, who has cancer. We've also added another addition to our house- a blessing! But, things have gotten more expensive. I have decided to try an experiment for the next month- and maybe (hopefully) longer. How much money could I "earn" by saving on deals and coupons? In the long run, would it actually be cheaper for me to remain a stay at home Mama? Hmmmm...let's find out!

If you want to join me on this journey, please do the following before May 1st. First, you are gonna need some coupons and a way to store them.
1. Get organized- grab some form of organization (envelopes or a coupon holder at Target for a dollar in the dollar spot).
2. Grab some scissors, coupons from the Sunday paper, and get clippin'!
3. Organize your coupons by category.
4. Save your free advertisements that come in the mail to local stores.
5. No Sunday paper? Try or . Also, has great coupons as well!

Enough for now- don't want to overwhelm you. Find, clip, organize... see you later!

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  1. I follow Freebies4Moms on Facebook. She posts diaper codes (Huggies and Pampers), coupons, freebie samples, freevents, etc. Love, love, love Freebies4Moms.